Tips to Create Engaging Videos for Social Media

In social media, video content is becoming increasingly common day by day. In an estimate, a person spends an average of 16 hrs/week watching videos. Creating engaging videos means it has an opportunity to capture your target audience’s attention. Engaging video content gives us better ROI, increases traffic on our social accounts, and grows our followers.

We recommend you make an engaging video as short as you can, like 25 sec on social media. Creating an Engaging video is now more challenging than writing a blog. Now you have a question – where do we start? Don’t worry, we will guide you on how to create engaging videos for social media. 

Write script for your videos:

Before you create video content, always make a plan on how you will go about your social media videos. The videos should be based on audience research, competitor check, budget allocation, ideation. This will help to develop effective videos that will make your video campaign more successful.

Always be clear about your objective to make your social media videos. If you want to increase your brand awareness or want to gain followers or aim for new signups for your website whatever your goal is. You just need to be clear about your objectives.

Videos length: 

Very few people are watching videos of 15-20 minutes on social media. So, we suggest you remove the excess part of the video and only keep the relevant and engaging ones. Videos should capture attention and share a message so that the video gets more views. If your content is long and complex then divide them into series. Don’t put all the information into one video. Like you, your viewers are busy too. Viewers’ engagement will drop after 2 minutes. So always try to make your video in between 2 minutes and the contents should be unique, short, and simple. 

Make attractive the video in the first few seconds: 

Sometimes people lose their concentration after 10-15 seconds. That’s why we recommend you make your video attractive in the first few seconds. The first few seconds are very important. The viewers will decide whether to continue watching the video or not. 

Start the video with strong hooks, inspiring quotes, appealing music, and powerful visuals. You should also include the brand name, logo, or the product you intend to highlight So that people can identify you and they can understand what you are trying to convey. Make your intro curious. So that it makes them want to know more. 

Add music to your Video: 

Music brings life to the video. Choose the music that is trendy and that will enhance the desired tone of your video. Inappropriate and irrelevant music can distract the viewers from the videos. 

Use Call to Action in Your videos: 

Choose a solid CTA that matches the purpose of your video content. CTA or call to action means any design or marketing term that prompts your sale. 

Examples: Visit our website, subscribe to our channel, Share the video on social media,

So, try to make an attention-grabbing design for Call to action. Use bright colours and animations. 

Optimize your videos for different channels: 

Each platform has different requirements. So, make sure your video can fullfill its requirements like dimension, orientation, video length. 

Use natural lighting & background:

Before making your video, all equipment is set up correctly. Test your microphone, light props correctly. Try to use natural lighting. Natural lighting makes the video more beautiful.

The background is also important for your video content. If you can’t find a suitable background, you could create one for yourself. 

Live video:

Live streaming is now a trending concept. Here you can produce video content fun, interactive. We know all social media platforms have this function where we can produce live video. 80% of people want to watch a live video rather than reading a blog. The live stream is the way where people can also ask their queries via social media. 

Include Subtitle:

Video content will reach all over the world. So, there is a chance where people don’t know your language or can’t fluently understand your language. Adding a subtitle can help non-native speakers to easily understand your language. 

We hope these tips will help you to create engaging video content for social media. So, try your best to make engaging video content. Good luck with your future video adventures!

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