Tips for Online Audition

Everyone has talent. We just need the right platform to showcase our talent. During this covid time, online communication is now more important. Now, it’s essential to know how you can prepare yourself for an online audition. You should treat your online audition in the same way that you audition face to face.  Here we will give you some tips to help you feel more at ease with the medium of the virtual audition. 

10 important tips for online audition:

Go through the tips which will help you to improve your skills and you can give better performance. 

1. Confidence: 

The most important thing for any kind of audition is your self-confidence. Remember, you don’t get any sympathy if you are nervous about your audition time. Always put a smile on your face that will impress the viewers. Before the audition just relax. Nervousness or stress can mess up your audition. Always be confident in yourself.

2. Neutral Background:

For producing quality remote auditions, one of the important things is a solid neutral background. You can paint your wall or you can hang a curtain or bedsheet to minimize the visual distraction and highlight your performance. 

3. Sound:

Background sound is a very important thing. This can distract you from your performance and make a bad impression on the minds of the viewers. shut off your nearby Tv, mute cell phones, and also can turn off your fan switch if its sound. Make sure anyone can’t disturb your performance. 

4. Lightning: 

During the audition, it’s important to look professional on camera. If the sunlight directly falls on your face, then the view of your face can be obscure and it affects your audition. So a well little set during your online audition is very important. You can use Ring light or bright overhead light 

5. Use tripod: 

Make sure your camera is at a good angle. You can use a tripod to hold your camera steady and you can get a good angle to capture your performance. Don’t worry if you don’t have any tri pod you can also place your phone, camera, laptop on a shelf or some stacked boxes to get the perfect angle. When you are dancing, you will need your whole body in the frame. Clear the room so that you can get space. 

6. Internet speed:

Make sure you have a good internet speed. It should be strong and consistent. Avoid it being glitchy. 

7. Clothing choice: 

Choose the costume which you are comfortable in. Don’t wear too flashy clothes. Just make it simple and appropriate for the scene. If your background is dark then avoid wearing a black t-shirt because it can create a distraction

8. Film in landscape, not portrait:

 You should place your camera horizontally on a secure surface. Make sure to film in landscape, not portrait. 

9. Background Music:

If you are using background music, then check your sound levels beforehand. 

10. Be ready to go: 

Before 10 minutes into the audition, be completely ready to go. You can restart your device 20 minutes before the meeting. Because sometimes technical glitches happen. Check your audio, video and the light.  Observe your camera position. Dress up for your performance, tend to hair and makeup and in the last 10 minutes, focus on your performance. Maintain your eye contact. Don’t be nervous. Act like you are in the living room. Try to create more intimacy with the camera. 

We hope you are clear how to prepare your online audition set. We wish you good luck for your performance. Make your audition memorable. Go ahead. 

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