Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SKOOVI respects your privacy. SKOOVI maintains a policy of strict confidence concerning your personal information. Below is Skoovi policy concerning the use and disclosure of information about Skoovi members and web site users. The Policy is further governed by Information Technology Act, 2000.

Collecting personal information

All information collected is for the purpose of providing a recruitment service of talent and entertainment leads to Skoovi members and purchasers.

Website statistics

Skoovi web server collects information that details the traffic on our site. When you visit Skoovi website, SKOOVI may obtain information from your personal computer that provides your internet address, your domain name (if applicable), the previous site you have visited and when you visited the website. SKOOVI may analyze this information and use aggregate statistics to improve the content and navigation on our site. However, this information is not linked to any information you may provide and cannot be used to identify you. SKOOVI does not share server statistics with third parties.


SKOOVI uses any information you supply to us for legitimate business purposes only. SKOOVI does not share this information with other entities except to conduct regular business, to comply with legal requirements, and to protect against fraud. Only authorized SKOOVI employees have access to stored information. Personal use of this information is prohibited by company policy.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Information requests

If you request information from us, including notification of new SKOOVI locations, any information you supply will only be used to satisfy your request. SKOOVI does not share this information with third parties.

Service Requirement

If you apply for SKOOVI services, some of the information you supply must necessarily be shared with Skoovi insurance company and payments facility provider. SKOOVI does not share your information beyond what is necessary to approve your services.

Resale of mailing and phone number lists

SKOOVI does not sell, lease, rent, loan, or trade lists of physical or email addresses or phone numbers.


If you require access to the information SKOOVI may have concerning you, you may request to see what it is and if it is up-to-date. If SKOOVI refuses to allow access to your personal information, you will be informed and given details of what exemptions under the Privacy Act prevent its acquisition.


All reasonable steps are taken to ensure Skoovi information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If any information SKOOVI has is inaccurate, please contact SKOOVI immediately and SKOOVI will take all reasonable steps to correct it.


All information is kept in a secure environment. Electronic security includes the use of fire walls and password access. This is to ensure personal information is not accessed and used by unauthorized personnel, lost or misused.


The above policies may be superseded by requirements or obligations imposed by statute, regulation, or legal process.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Skoovi privacy policy, or if you wish to update your details, access your personal information or notify SKOOVI if you believe your privacy has been breached, please contact:

SKOOVI (VNB Technologies Pvt Ltd)

H.NO.1-8-450-1, A-49, Ashirwad Building, Indian Airlines Colony, Street No. 3, LaneNo.3, Be Hyderabad TG 500003 IN