Rule 1

Skoovi is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Skoovi free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

Rule 2

Abide by community rules. Post authentic content into communities where you have a personal interest, and do not cheat or engage in content manipulation (including spamming, vote manipulation, ban evasion, or subscriber fraud) or otherwise interfere with or disrupt Skoovi communities.

Rule 3

Respect the privacy of others. Instigating harassment, for example by revealing someone’s personal or confidential information, is not allowed. Never post or threaten to post intimate or sexually-explicit media of someone without their consent.

Rule 4

Do not post or encourage the posting of sexual or suggestive content involving minors.

Rule 5

Ensure people have predictable experiences on Skoovi by properly labelling content and communities, particularly content that is graphic, sexually-explicit, or offensive.

Rule 6

Keep it legal, and avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions.

Rule 7

Don’t break the site or do anything that interferes with normal use of Skoovi.


We have a variety of ways of enforcing our rules, including, but not limited to

Asking you nicely to knock it off

Asking you less nicely

Temporary or permanent suspension of accounts

Removal of privileges from, or adding restrictions to, accounts

Adding restrictions to Skoovi communities, such as adding NSFW tags or Quarantining

Removal of content

Banning of Skoovi communities