Common Mistakes by New Models

Common Mistakes By New Models

Modelling is a great opportunity in a career that involves skills and gives you poise and confidence.  Being a model is not so easy. Many of us dream about the fancy life of models and like in every profession, new models face many obstacles. Sometimes, you can’t be getting the success that you expected in your modelling career.

That time if you make some wrong decisions and some mistakes, you could find yourself in a difficult situation. To become a successful and professional model, you need some basic qualities and you have to be more careful about some common mistakes. Please go through this blog to know about some common mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

Top 10 mistakes by New Models:

To become a professional model, you have to consider some basic qualities. Don’t make these common mistakes in your modelling career. 

Spend too much money: 

Basically, at the initial stage of the career, the new models spend too much money in the agency. But you should not pay too much money until you are not sure that an agency is interested in representing you or not.

When you first start out, professional photoshoots are unnecessary. You just need some basic snapshots to show the modeling agents and scouts. The agency will understand that you are a newcomer. Don’t take any unnecessary expensive modelling classes.

Bad Snapshots:

Snapshots are very important for the model as freshers. To clearly see the bone structure, the health of your skin and hair, and your body portions such as length of the neck, arms, legs, snapshots are important. The agents want to see how you look naturally. You don’t need to use too much makeup. That’s why we suggest you take a full body picture with white background. Show the agents who you are actually. Professional photos with heavy makeup, artificial lighting, and editing manipulate your image.   

Unprofessional Behaviour:

First impressions always matter a lot. The first communication between you and the agencies is usually mailing the photos. The agents will notice how you present yourself in an email or letter. So, you have to keep your email short and to the point. Don’t tell them about your personal life story. Check the spelling and the language. That is a big point.  So always use the spell checker. Always include this information- 

For Women – age, height, bust, waist, and hips.

For men- height, jacket size, chest size, waist.

You should also attach your right contact information and your residence. 

Don’t give up: 

Many people think being a model is an easy process. Most people think the present supermodels get the opportunity instantly and when they went to the modelling agency, they got the contract immediately. But this is not the truth. There is huge competition in the modelling industry. To be a successful model, you have to work hard. You have to build your modelling portfolio, develop your looks, and maintain your food. So, take time, be confident, and keep patience. If your dream is modelling, don’t give up on rejection. Maybe you will be the next Manushi chhillar.

Don’t fall in Trap: 

No reputed agency will ask you to compromise your integrity to become a model. So be aware. Don’t do anything which hurts your integrity. There are various fake model agencies that take advantage of new models. So, don’t fall into their trap. If any photographer, agency, or client asked you to post nudes photos or by giving them a little extra for your career growth, you should not agree with that.

Limited Exposure: 

Don’t expose yourself just in one market. Find your looks are better for which market. Not all markets are suitable for you. Research on that and increase your chance of obtaining representation. 

Inappropriate attire:

Choosing appropriate attire for your casting is a big decision. So, choose wisely. A poor choice of attire in your casting time loses your impression. Don’t wear formal attire or a jogging dress. Don’t over-accessorize. Always prefer that outfit which gives you comfort. 

Improper Hashtag: 

New models are using the huge hashtag to tag modelling agencies. That is not a good way. When you use hashtags be sure that it’s natural. Some related hashtags are #modeling, #modelingagency, #modelingphotography, #modelingshoot. 

Being Honest & punctual:

To become a supermodel, you have to be honest and punctual. Because it depends on how you are serious in your professional life. You have to know the value of the time of others. If you miss the call or can’t reach the place in time, that can ruin your modelling career. So be honest and punctual. We know that honesty is the best policy and Time is gold. 

Taking rejection personally: 

Models are chosen and rejected based on various factors. So, if you hear that your look is not right on a daily basis. Don’t take it personally. Modelling is not only dependent on how you are beautiful. So, accept the rejection, and keep moving forward.

So, if you are serious about a modelling career, work hard. Takes time and patience. Wherever you go for casting, are confident and always keep the right exposure and attitude. Our best wishes are always with you.

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